Pałac Lodowy/Ice Palace/exibition book

"(...) This enchanting longing, painted against an austere, frosty background; this sense of inevitable loss, helplessness in dealing with merci- less, cruel nature become the idée fixe for Magda Franczak. Her works,resembling a book, demonstrate the whole illusory enchantment of winter identified with the bliss of death, desired oblivion, destruction which entails freedom. The artist builds her microlandscapes with paper, chemical formulas, delicate drawings and structures. Snow and its perfection, temporary geometry, contribute to a story of helplessness and oblivion. Nature appears to be a mortal enemy, competing with man, surrounding him, putting him of his stride, depriving him of freedom, tempting, leading astray, finally  killing him. The main hero, snow, fluffy, perfectly white, soft, pure, delicate like coconut, so that one could eat it, keeps falling, and falling, covers traces, buries, freezes.(...)"

                                                                                                                                              Marta Lisok "Your Snowness"