12 Stories/Atelierhaus Salzamt/Linz/2018

The "12 Stories" project is an attempt to visually tell the narration entrusted to the artist. Entering the local community of Linz, built of people of all ages, gender and cultural roots, from the position of a person coming from outside world for a short period of time. The artist becomes a kind of medium, listening to 12 stories of various people, referring to the photographs that they bring. Each of these stories will enclose in a collage, that will become the only kind of registration. Without a sound recording or notes – each of the stories will be remembered and visually elaborated by the artist after hearing it. People invited to the project are residents of the city of Linz, who want to share with the visiting artist their story – a story that, through a collage created in a later process, will connect those two strangers for a moment.

Przedmioty i Ludzie/ site specific/Lublin 2017

"Objects carry the energy of people they belonged to, their habits, affection or lack thereof, a sentimental disposition. If we sharpen our senses, we can hear their stories: how they moved from one owner to another, where they were exhibited, when they turned up in our home. We might even find out what time of year it was, or what was served for dinner that day. Objects activate memories that often are associated with people who are not with us anymore. They also reveal the truth about what we leave behind." more: http://kulturaenter.pl/en/article/art-cataloguing-memories/

Zadomowienie/public area/Lublin/ 01.02- 30.11 2017

Zadomowienie to projekt  realizowany w przestrzeni publicznej, w ramach Stypendium Prezydenta Lublina. Kieruje on uwagę odbiorcy na małe, szklane gabloty rozsiane w obszarze miasta. Są one fenomenem na skalę europejską. Zarówno w Polsce, jak i w Europie likwiduje się ten rodzaj małej architektury zastępując go krzykliwymi bilboardami. Tymczasem stanowią one część naszej kultury – dialogu wizualnego pomiędzy sprzedawcą a kupującym. Urządzanie witryny stanowi codzienny rytuał sklepu, zaproszenie i zapowiedź jego wnętrza. 

The Day When Nothing Happened/ Art Cube Artists' Studios/Jerusalem/ 3.04- 06.06 2017

Magdalena Franczak and Yael Frank
Curator: Maayan Sheleff
Opening: April 3, 2017, at 8 p.m.
Exhibition closing: June 6, 2017

Imaginary Lexicon of Cluj/Temps d'Image/Cluj/Romania/ 7-13.11. 2016

by Magdalena and Ludomir Franczak
producers: Konfrontacje Festival Lublin, Temps D'Images Cluj, Romania

Imaginary Lexicon of Cluj is a project based on the idea of performative book – a publication, that attempts to describe a specific place on earth, at the same time compelling the reader to the constant movement and interaction. It is a kind of city guide – an atlas, in which reality is mixed with fiction, while pointing to the fact that what we consider to be historical facts are often presented with a very polarized point of view.

So what is the truth and how to reach it? Perhaps by trying to catch the spirit of place, by recessing in the untold stories inherent within each of the residents? What happens if we mix those stories with what seems to be a historical truth?

soundtrack by Marcin Dymiter