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It is a long distance project about rituals in our life, started in childhood, in the times of communism, when together with my girls friends we were trying to make reality more beautiful by the little installations made in the ground. We were using colored very small stoff- red pills for heart, paper wraps from candies, flowers, glasses from the cemetery. Everything covered with a round glass from a bottle bottom, and a blanket from earth. Exposition made only for the ones that know where to look for it.
Now i engaged a new generation of teenager girls, some of them did it for the first time- so they dug down thing they would like to hide away from their parents: condoms, handcuffs, pills. I decided to try it also with German girls. here I worked with girls born in 70’s. They took it much more mystical, like a kind of ritual which brought them into their childhood. Each secret told a different story...